About Us

Jojo’s University Outfitters was born out of a desire to serve the DFW Greek university community, but we intend and hope to serve a much wider community as we grow.  

We are a Chi Omega sister-in-law duo and our name was chosen to honor our late nephew, Jonah or “Jojo” (Pi Kappa Phi), who passed unexpectedly at the age of 25 in April 2023 from SUDEP. Jonah, like us, had a second family, his Greek family.  Greek life enhanced Jonah’s college experience, gave him lifelong friends and helped develop critical leadership skills.

While our college graduations occurred many years ago, we still enjoy socializing, celebrating, and sometimes even grieving and praying with our sisters. When you make a purchase through Jojo’s a small percent of each purchase will be donated to a nonprofit that funds research and benefits epilepsy patients.

We are excited, determined, anxious, and ready to launch this company.  

Feedback, questions, and comments are always welcome. Go Greek, you won't regret it.

Mimi and Paula

Co-owners, Jojo’s University Outfitters

  • Fall 2021

  • Spring 2022

Help Make a Difference

We are personally invested in supporting families who have children with epilepsy. Each purchase you make will support a nonprofit such as The SUDEP Program at the Epilepsy Foundation and the Danny Did Foundation.

For more information on these organizations, please visit: